Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Calendar Girls!

Hello Girls! I really look forward to every one's updates each month. I am very impressed with all of your computer skills-very creative!!

Greg & I just got back from a wedding in Disney World. It was so beautiful and lots of fun. We just went for the long weekend and the girls stayed with my Mom -so it was a nice little rendezvous for us. We have a trip planned to go back there this October with the girls. We are all really looking forward to that vacation.

Greg is doing well. He and his partner took over the insurance agency 2 years ago now- so far so good! He is still coaching, just finished his 11th year at THS. He plays on a men's league in the spring/summer. The team is taking a road trip to Nashville this summer for a tournament, that will be really cool for them. I've heard that it is a really fun city- the country music fan that I am.

Meghan is busy in 4th grade and really enjoying it. She is playing on an all girls travel soccer team, which she loves. She is also playing on her 1st hockey team-YEP Greg is the coach-classic! He has not coached the little kids in a while-both of them are enjoying it. They have bonded with quite a few early morning games and breakfasts together.

Shannon is enjoying 2nd grade. She is so easy going. She is finishing her 5th year of dance and is really looking forward to her recital and 5 year trophy. She can shake her groove thing-not sure where she gets that from! She also is doing Intro to hockey-which is usually a family event-Greg helps out-Meg usually skates as well and I work out above the rink and watch. It works out really nice.

As for me, I am doing well. I am still working 4 days, home for the girls after school which is great. Absolutely love my Fridays off. Most weeks I work at Greg's office I do the bookkeeping etc..but I can usually squeeze in a few errands -groceries-Starbucks-maybe a stop off at the LOFT...just enjoyable couple of hours. As for exercise I try to squeeze in the gym a couple of times a week with my sister in law Gina-not seeing many results but feel great when I am done.

Last month Wendy, Gina and I took my Mom away for a night to celebrate her 65th birthday. We had a great time, treated ourselves to the spa, dinner and drinks.... AHHH. The guys came up the next morning with the kids to surprise her and joined us for brunch. It was really nice.

That is all for now-looking forward to seeing most of you at camping and hopefully and girls night or happy hour on the beach this summer.....


Jennifer Kolakowski said...


Looks like you're waaay tech-savy. Awesome addition to our Lana-fest blog! Loved hearing all the updates on the Maxeys.

Erin Muliero said...

Let us know when Greg is in Nashville. It's only a 4 hour drive and Alex is there often lately. Great letter - thanks.