Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Calendar Girls

Hello Everyone!This idea for creating a blog came from Jen when she was having trouble sending her February calendar girl information as an email. I decided to add - making a blog to my To Do List for Spring break. So here we are, on the web, thanks Jen!! The girls and I are home for Spring break this week and are thoroughly enjoying the relaxed pace of sleeping late and enjoying very unstructured days. We have been sleeping until 9:00 or 9:30 every day - I think we were all exhausted. Alex is traveling most of the week, first in Florida and currently in California. After we return from break I will have just two weeks left in my long term sub assignment. I think most of you know that I have been subbing since mid-January in the same classroom where I student taught for 12 weeks in the beginning of the school year. The experience has been amazing to say the least! The ending of my assignment is perfectly timed with a sales trip Alex won to...NYC! I don't care if I have been there a bunch of times, I am thrilled be going away with my husband. The only other time Alex and I have gone away together is the weekend we flew to GA to go house hunting. The dates of the trip are Wednesday 4/30 through Friday 5/2. I decided to pull the kids out of school for three days and take them with us - they will stay with my parents. While we are in the city Alex and I are going to see Jersey Boys and go on a food tour - yum, yum.Other new and exciting things.... The love of my life, my precious fury friend, Lucky has presented some emotional and financial challenges for the Muliero family (me especially - emotionally that is). We had an unfortunate incident where Lucky bit a neighbor's ankle - yikes. In Lucky's defense the kids rode their bikes into our yard (through his invisible fence) and the kids had previously teased and taunted him. Anyway, I was just devastated that he bit because I had no idea that he had that in him. So,... many tears and $500 later, we have been having a trainer come to our house to help work through his "fear aggression". Alex of course thinks it is a waste of money and calls the trainer a “quack” but I am determined to train him!The girls continue to flourish. Georgia has definitely become our home as we become more and more rooted in the schools, activities, and neighborhood stuff. Emily continues to play soccer and recently took up running through a program called Girls On the Run - it is a great program that encourages girls to develop self respect and a healthy life style through running. The culmination of the program is a 5K race on 4/26. Annie has been enjoying taking drama classes and cooking. The cooking takes place in my kitchen at often the craziest of times. I am trying not to squelch her enthusiasm but sometimes it does test my patience. This week she made brownies from scratch - I have to say that I have never done that myself - they came out great. Alex has been playing a lot of basketball, golfing, working out, and eating healthy! I wish I had his commitment. Emily has actually motivated me to try running. I am starting of slow with a walk/run combo with Lucky by my side - we'll see - I hope I can stick with it (I need the exercise).All of the Muliero's are excited about our trip in July and can't wait for our annual camping trip.I hope this blog actually works... I will try to attach some photos (I don't have too many recent ones since I lost both of my cameras on the flight back from CT over Christmas break - I just bought a new digital a couple of weeks ago). Maybe I'll attach a recipe too. I am looking forward to hearing from everyone!Love you!Erin


Erin Muliero said...

Hmmm. I am just typing a comment here to see if this works.

Jennifer Kolakowski said...

THIS IS TOO COOL ER!!!! Love, love, love it. Is this just your blog, or can any Lana post (not just leave a comment, but actually post)? Very, very, very cool!!


Mary Ellen said...

This is my 3rd attempt at posting (It keeps rejecting my password), so here goes!
Er...great job, ya techie! Love the polka dots :)
Just back from a fabulous week in the FL Keys; the school year is flying!
Jen~What the @#$! are you doing blogging at 4:30 a.m.????

Erin Muliero said...

Jen, Everyone is an author so everyone should be able to post. I am disappointed that I can't reply to individual comments. I have not given up yet but maybe we need to find a new platform for our blog. I am interested in your answer to Mare's question.

engie said...

I too am interested in the 4:39 am posting. Can understand if it's true - up at 4:30 am tomorow to be at the office by 6:00 and sometimes seems the best time to get things done - just too ooo tired at night.
Just came back from 5 days in Puerta Vallarta Mexico - drove an ATV and had a maid and chef (at least once inmy life!) very fun and tiring - little sleep.

engie said...

has anyone else posted anything?? or is minejust not updating their comments?


Sue said...

Hi Girls,
Erin I have to say...I am first of all very sorry that it has taken me so long to get into your blog! AND....I am very very impressed by your blogging/computer skills!! Hope you had a great visit to CT!

Engie - I can see your blog.

Can't wait to see everyone at OdEtah!!!


Erin Muliero said...

Please tell us more about your trip to Puerto Vallarta! Who went? Was it a girls get away weekend? The maid and the chef sound like great additions to a trip away!